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SpringBoardTM Login

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SpringBoardTM First Time Users

To log into the SpringBoardTM, enter your username and password, and select the Login button.

The SpringMan login screen will initialize your connection to the SpringBoard.
Once you have been logged in, the SpringBoard will automatically detect the version
of the Citrix client that is installed on your computer. If it is determined that the
version of your client is lower than optimal, you will see the notification below.

If you see this Communication Center notification, you will also see a yellow bar across the top
of your Internet Explorer window. Click on this bar, and then select "Download File".

When prompted, select Run to run the installer.

Click "Run" when prompted with the Digital Signature Security Warning.
The purpose of this warning is to verify that the software comes from a trusted source.

Click "Yes" to accept the end user license agreement, and to begin the installation.

Click OK to finish the installation. In most cases you will not need to restart your browser.

You will automatically be re-directed to the SpringBoardTM. Click on an
application's name or icon to launch it.

After selecting an icon in your application set, the Citrix Web Client will initialize a connection.

You may see the following screen when connecting to an application for
the first time after installing the client. This refers to the level
of access you want to the application to have to your local drives.
If you answer No, you will NOT be able to access any of the
files on your local machine. We recommend that you select Yes and
"Do not ask me again for this site".

If you are prompted to save a file instead of your application launching,
you will need to adjust your Internet Explorer settings.

Select Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced, and scroll down to the
Security section. Verify that the setting: "Do Not Save Encrypted Pages To Disk" is NOT checked.

If you are still unable to launch an application, select the Downloads link from
the login page, and select the newest version of the Citrix ICA Web Client

If you are still unable to launch a Citrix application after manually installing
the ICA Web Client, you may not have install rights on your machine. In this case,
contact LoadSpring Technical Support at 1-877-LoadSpring.

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